gen. provisions

By booking / reservation of rooms you tacitly acknowledge as tenants, the following general provisions:

No one is forced to any actions!
All games are conducted according to the SSC rules.

Persons under 18 are not allowed in the rooms, not even if the accompanying person / s of age.
(The operator reserves the right to review information age through passport control)

The bringing of animals and drugs, the handling or consumption of which are absolutely forbidden.
Any infringement leads to referral and closure.

Punctuality is necessary and expected. Before leaving the premises a sign-off to the operator via SMS or mobile phone is required.

To ensure confidentiality and anonymity, we are dependent on compliance with the following points:
Please behave in front of the property unobtrusive and quiet.

The stay at the SMClub Darkroom-Basel is always their own responsibility and at your own risk.

All visitors are solely civil and criminal responsibility for all of them carried out, respectively. actions undertaken by them.

Any liability is rejected by the operator.
This disclaimer applies to both personal as well as property damage.

Property damage
Any damage to the facility, toys must be reported to the operator immediately.
Vandalism will be charged to the polluter.
If it is necessary claims processing by insurance companies is the sole responsibility of the tenants / visitors.